Internet And The Society: How These Topics Are Related To The Topic Sex

Internet And The Society: How These Topics Are Related To The Topic Sex

When we talk about the topics of the controversy and the conversation that is mostly done among the people then it is sex, society and the internet. These topics are related to an individual who are surrounded by these trios. In 1929 that was the year when the word sex was first introduced when the Thurber and white used the expression in their book” is sex necessary”.

But according to some studies, the sex revolution was actually started in 1960 when the sex was not openly discussed but society as a whole had the puritanical view over the sex. When we entered into the new era of the internet the actual sex revolution started where people get connected with the internet and openly having the conversation over the sex.

Sexual life is as important as what we all know about food and water. But many people take it as the second priority as the society makes them think so. People who don’t take it as a priority are supposed to be seen suffering from many sexual dysfunctions like erectile dysfunction in men and impotency in females. When an individual knows all about the sex and the power of intimacy in the relationship and the body then it actually works for it.

Online stores or the local stores are all making people aware of medicines related to sexuality. Viagra and Cialis are some of the medicines that pharmacies are openly selling out with the cialis coupons or the Viagra coupons on the prescription of it so that people can have the additional discounts and feel comfortable. These are some of the steps taken to make the people aware and keeping the embarrassment aside when it comes to the problem that is related to the sexual organs.

The new sexual revolution started with experimentation and sexual freedom. The society that never thought about the sexual content which internet superhighway gave the access to it. However, there are pros and cons of the internet on the society when the topic sex comes on the way.

  • It becomes easy to perform when the research goes into deep
  • Running own business is easy to access when the internet is available
  • The different culture and societies are much more obtainable
  • You can promulgate the information more rapidly

Besides these pros there are some cons that one should be aware of:

  • A person becomes more disconnected and lazier
  • Sexual predators can easily have their prey through the internet
  • The moral values of the society have become unknown

When we talk about society and the internet then the abandonment of society with the massive exposure to the internet has come to the great cost of the relationship and humanity. cybercrime related to the sex is more came into existence but on the other side people are getting more information for any kind of treatment and care of the sexual dysfunctions so, it’s all like two face of the coin it’s all up to the individual what to choose for the betterment.


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