3 Ways to Slow the Progress of Dementia

3 Ways to Slow the Progress of Dementia

Alzheimer’s is dementia that affects the old. It is one of the most common disorders that comes with old age. While there is no cure found for this disorder, there are definitely certain lifestyle changes that you can apply to your life to slow the progression of dementia.

Mental disorders usually come with a lot of social stigmas attached to it, and this is exactly what’s stops many from visiting a psychologist for treatment. But with the amount of stress that we experience on a daily basis, mental disorders like depression becomes somewhat common among the living today. We encourage those who need professional help and therapy to go to the best psychologist in town while crowdfunding India takes care of all the bills through medical crowdfunding.

When it comes to dementia there are a few things you can do by yourself without opting for online crowdfunding India, and we are going to reveal to you 5 of the easiest ways to reduce the risk of developing dementia.

1) Healthy Diet

Eating healthy is no doubt one of the easiest ways to maintain mental health as well as physical wellbeing. There are some food choices that should be avoided and some that should be eaten plentifully. Some of the foods that should be reduced if not avoided are sugary foods, red meat, fast foods, fried food, packaged food, and refined carbs, for eg: white flour, white rice, and pasta. The good foods that help prevent dementia are omega 3 fatty acids, a lot of fruits and vegetables, nuts, whole grains, poultry, fish and legumes. It’s better to stick to eating food that is usually prepared at home. A healthy diet is not just good for the body but is proven beneficial for mental health too.

2) Exercise

Exercise is no doubt one of the most needed requirements of the physical body, but did you know it also enriches your mind. It has the capability to calm and refresh your mind, therefore acting as the best stress reliever at your disposal. The exercise doesn’t have to be excessive and taxing it can be as simple as a walk or a jog in a park, or a dancing session with your friends. Exercise helps your brain cells connect to other parts of the brain, therefore, increasing mental health.

3) Socializing

As humans, we aren’t designed to live in seclusion, and such isolation damages our brain cells and emotional state. Researchers have found that people who are diagnosed with Dementia show signs of improvement once they start socializing. If one on one socializing gets too difficult we can always network across the internet. If possible go out with your friends often, it will help your mental health more effectively than you realize.


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