The Sports Physiotherapists Advice Guide


Sports Physiotherapists are medical professionals that help those who have been injured while playing sports to regain their health and have their injuries healed as quickly and as best as possible. The see every type of sports injury and can offer great advice to those playing sports on how to avoid serious sports injuries. Here is some of their best advice.

See a Sports Physiotherapist When You are Injured

Most people who play sports know that getting banged up is part of the game. Every time you play and even practice you get hurt a bit and may have lingering pains from older injuries. However, the real professionals know that injuries are sometimes worse than they appear and if they do not get looked after professionally that can cause you muscles to lose strength and cause a loss of mobility or range of motion in a muscle or joint. These circumstances can prohibit you from being your best on the field, court or pitch, and as a result they need to be taken seriously.

Professional sports stars are constantly in contact with the visiting sports physiotherapists to ensure that an injury that they sustained is treated properly. The sports physio will do a thorough examination of the injured area to get an understanding of the status of the persons musculoskeletal system. The sports physio will make sure that no muscles, tendons, ligaments, or joints are damaged in a way that they will not repair on their own properly.

If the injury is not too severe, and will heal on its own, the sports physio will recommend rest and a series of strategies that will get the person back to good health. If the injury is more serious, the sports physio will create therapy program that will ensure that the injury heals as quickly as possible and that the person is back to full strength and range of motion. Seeing a sports physio when you were injured can help you to heal more quickly and better.

Stop Playing When You are Injured

If you’re playing sports and you get injured, you should immediately take a break to assess your injury. Too many people playing sports believe that playing injured is a badge of courage and honour. What it is, is a dumb way to play sports. Sports stars have at their discretion an ability to meet with medical professionals right on the field to determine the severity of an injury. They do not take any chances with an injury because they know that it can be much worse than it seems leading to them being kept out of play for a longer period. When you have an injury that seems bad, immediately stop playing and get it looked at by a medical professional.

Do a Cool Down After Practice or a Game

When you finish practicing or playing a game or match, you should immediately do a cool down allows your body to keep your muscles lose Your cool down should include stretching exercises and breathing exercises to help you calm down.

Approaching sports in a smart way can help you to stay healthy and to spend more time playing the game you love.


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