What Are The Risks When Getting Dental Implants?


There are many times people need to get dental implants. Dental implants help fix the appearance of the way teeth look and help replace teeth that have fallen out. Because this practice is so common, many people consider this a very safe procedure, especially if you get Reston oral and maxillofacial surgery from a very reliable dentist. However, you might still be wondering what risks there might be. Here is a quick list of potential risks you can get when getting dental implants.

Integration Failure

Basically, integration failure refers to the implant stability. Therefore, it is about whether or not the implant is stable once the surgery is completed. If the implant wasn’t properly placed in, the implant can fail in as quick as a few weeks. Normally, the bone around the implant will regrow and offer secondary support for the implant, therefore it would become much more stable without needing any additional help from a dentist to keep it stable. However, if it wasn’t placed in the bone properly, it can start to loosen. Normally, antibiotics are given to patients prior to the surgery, because it decreases implant failure by a third.


With most surgeries, one thing to consider as a potential risk is an infection. Infections tend to be more common in the mouth area, as lots of bacteria reside in the mouth. If the area where the implant was done gets infected, it can create inflammation, suppuration, abscess, etc. If not taken care of immediately, the infection can spread to other areas of the body or heavily damage the affected area in the mouth. If you feel like you have gotten an infection after an implant, visit your dentist immediately.

Implant Fracture or Breakage

A more serious risk that can happen to the implant is breakage or a fracture of the abutment screw. It’s not a very easy procedure, but of course, many dentists can still fix this. There are times where the dentist can save the screw and fix the fracture accordingly, but a lot of the time the bone may not be strong enough to get a new implant, which means you would have no tooth in that area.

Bone Loss

Another risk that you might have to consider is excessive bone loss. If you experience this in the place where you got a dental implant, you would lose stability for the dental implant and it would need intervention. If you get bone loss in between the implants, your normal teeth could look like there are black triangles between your teeth. This is definitely not a good look and may make it very hard to keep your teeth clean.

With almost any procedure, there are always risks to consider. However, getting a dental implant may help you change your life for the better. The best way to make the procedure as smooth as possible is by going to reliable and noteworthy Reston oral and maxillofacial surgery dentist. It’s also important to follow the dentist’s instructions post surgery to avoid any risks.

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