Benefits of Pearl Powder in Different Culture


Pearl has fascinated humanity. It was even said that this luminous object is the tear of the moon. It is the symbol of feminine creative essence with multiple healing properties.

According to Vedic astrology people using pearl powder with honey……

  • Gain physical strength
  • Relieves from stress and offers peace of mind
  • Reduces eye diseases, gastric issues, blood pressure, TB, and heart related problems.
  • Stone issue in the stomach gets cured
  • Removes facial scars and reduces wrinkles
  • Gets rid of teeth yellowness
  • Stimulant and acts as aphrodisiacs

Why pearl is used in gem therapy [Astrology]?

Pearl is the gemstone for moon. Moon signifies softness, generosity, steady mind, passion, beauty, calmness, and even fertility. Afflicted moon leads to gloomy nature, worried mind, indecisiveness, depression and mental disorders because of Saturn’s dominance. The person’s life gets disturbed significantly due to aggressiveness and rashness. For more disturbances created due to troubled moon check online astrology sources.

According to Astrology, pearls remove moon’s evil effects and strengthens mind, thus inducing peaceful sleep. This cold gem develops great harmony amongst married couples.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine pearl powder

  • It is used as a relaxant, detoxification and anti-inflammatory agent
  • Calcium deficiency conditions like osteoporosis can be treated with 1gm pearl powder taken orally or blended with tea or water only two times in a week.
  • Intestinal and stomach issues like chronic constipation and indigestion can be treated.
  • Painful symptoms of ulcers and sores can be minimized
  • Treat TB, eye disease and avert heart attack
  • Stimulates the growth of new skin cells and rejuvenate skin health
  • Releases accumulated toxins and eliminates age spots and sun damage
  • Helps pregnant woman’s fetus to improve their skin elasticity and strengthen immune system

In Europe

Pearl powder was used to treat fever and insanity in medieval Europe. In the 17th century, English and German’s claimed the effectiveness of pearls in plethora of mental and physical conditions. It was also recommended as a way to prolong your life. In the 19th century, European women used it as skin whitener.

In Philippines

During pre-colonial times, royal children were kept hidden from sun rays to maintain their skin’s whiteness and fairness. They were given crushed pearl powder, so as to improve skin shine and luminosity. Powder was applied to the face, to make skin firm and soft.

Pearl powder is potent for health and beauty!


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